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To many, the bulldog is considered a symbol of English culture as the bulldog is associated with bravery and determination. The breed has its iconic look with its flappy hanging lips, wrinkled forehead, pushed-in snout and small and folded triangular ears. These dogs who makes for wonderful companions are popular all round the world.

Average lifespann: 6-12 years

Height: 31-38cm or 12-15 inches


  • Males: 23-25kg or 50-55 lbs
  • Females: 18-23kg or 40-50 lbs

Looks and characteristics:
The bulldog is easily recogniseable - furrowed brows, wrinkled face, underbite with an upturned jaw, pushed-in nose, droopy lips, and small folded ears makes for a unique looking dog. Its muscular and hefty body is short and compact with a big and wide head. The coat is glossy, short and smooth - making it easy to maintain; though its wrinkles should be regularly looked after and cleaned.

Fawn, Fawn & Brindle, Fawn & White, Fawn Brindle & White, Red, Red & White, Red Brindle, Red Brindle & White, White, Fallow

History and origins
It's pretty hard to determine exactly how old the bulldog breed really is, but it is very old. There are historical evidence of bulldog-esque looking dogs existing as far back as in the 1200's. They were used for bull-baiting and pit-dog-fighting. When blood sports became banned the breed almost faced extinction. Bull dog admirers fought to save the breed by transforming them to peaceful and mellow companion dogs. Today it is Englands national dog

These docile dogs are considered loyal, patient but stubborn, courageous and kind. They should behave in a pacifist and dignified way and they are also said to form strong bonds with children.

Unfortunally, the bulldog is a breed that suffers from many conditions. Mainly, their exteriour and proportions has made them unable to birth naturally - as many as 80% of all bulldog litters today are delivered by C-sections. Their proportions also makes them unable to swim without a life jacket. Like all brachycephalic breeds (short muzzled breeds) they face difficult breeding at times and can easily overheat. It is therefore important to never leave them in hot enviroments and to never exercise them too intensely. They also commonly suffers from hip dysplasia, cardiac related issues, allergies, cancer and luxating patella. In some countries it is banned to breed bulldogs as it violates their animal welfare act.

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