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Bull terrier

Bull terriers are the life of the party! With their defined egg-shaped heads and curved snoots, their looks gives just as much character as their big personalities. If you are able to provide for their needs - early socialisation, lots of exercise, clear and consistent rules and love - you will have a great companion who will be more than loyal and loving.

Average lifespann: 10-12 years

Height: 55-60 cm or 22-23.6 inches

Weight: 20-38 kg or 44-83.7 pounds

Looks and characteristics:
These dogs have a very characteristic look with their compact and muscular bodies and unique faces. Their heads are egg-shaped when wieved from the front, their ears pointy and erected, and their eyes small and triangular. Their profile curves gently to the tip of the nose. Their coat should be even and short with a shine - not much work to maintain it.

Black brindle & white, black tan & white, brindle, brindle & white, red, red & white, white, white & brindle, white & red, white black & tan, black brindle, white & black brindle.

History and origins:
The bull terrier was created by James Hink and recognized by the English kennel club in 1887. Since pit fighting was banned in 1835 it is safe to assume that the Bull terrier never was meant to be used as a fighting dog. Hink wanted to create a mono-coloured white bull and terrier dog and it is believed that he crossed them with Dalmatians and Pointers.

Many describes bull terriers as real goofy clown-dogs with a big personality. They are what you can call "an enjoyer of life" with a spontaneity that can be misstanken for being rebellious. Couragious is also a word used to describe these dogs as well as loving. Many bull terriers likes close physical contact - enjoy cuddles and sitting in people's laps (despite their size). What's important to remember is that bull terriers are still terriers, meaning they can be very stubborn. Some argue they are not for beginners. With their explosive personalities they require a lot of consistensy, patience and clear rules.

Unfortunally bull terriers suffers from some conditions:

  • Deafness
  • Heart problems
  • Kidney problems
  • skinn problems and allergy
  • A narrow lower jaw which can cause pain with teeth


This bull terrier wishes you a happy xmas


This bull terrier is just very stylish

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