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Perhaps most famous from starring in a movie the dalmatians got world-wide fame from the title "101 Dalmatians" . These dogs have existed long before the movie though, as the first ever written documentation about the breed dates back as early as 1374. The dalmatians has through history been used for many several purposes but are today just companion dogs. Don't let it fool you though, despite being "just" companion dogs and not a working dog dalmatians are still a breed that's really active and need tons of exercise to stay well-behaved.

Average lifespann: 10 - 13 years


  • Males: 56–61 cm or 22-24 inches
  • Female: 54–59 cm or 21-23 inches


  • Males: 27–32 kg or 59-70.5 lbs
  • Females: 24–29 kg or 53-64 lbs

Looks and characteristics:
These dogs are known for their white coat with brown or black spots. They have droopy ears, well defined and muscular bodies. Their coat should be short, smooth and shiny. They are born white and develops their spots eventually.

White & Black
White & Lemon
White & Orange
White Black & Tan
White & Liver Brown
White, Liver & Tan

History and origins:
The first ever records found of dalmatians dates back as early as 1374, described by the bishop of Dakovo as hunting dogs "with short white hair and black round spots on various parts of the body". They got refered as Canis Dalmaticus and later Dalmatian, having the name coming from where they first originated; Dalmatia in Croatia. Throughout history their purpose has been ranging from dogs of war, hunting dogs, guarding dogs, circus dogs but perhaps the most well-established and known duty were "Coaching dogs"; dogs trotting aside horse-drawn carriages, tasked with guarding the stables at night. Though they are versitale dogs able to pursue any dog sport of your choosing, being dogs who also has widely been used by firefighters and as circus dogs, the title of coaching dog is still prevelant to this day. Today you have something called road-trial, an event “in the field” where the Dalmatian is tested in off-leash obedience while following a handler on horse-back or a horse-drawn carriage.

These are durable dogs, relatively fast and adaptable for most things with great stamina to be able to keep up with carriages. As they were used as watchdogs they possess a clear and distinctive instinct to guard. They are known to get along well with horses and feel at home in stable enviroments. Dalmatians, as most watchdogs, are reserved and can therefore be aloof with strangers, but to their own family they are loving and precious members of their household.

If from a reputable breeder, there's records of genetic health testing done on the parents. Deafness and kidney stones is present in the breed

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