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2021-12-06, 18:30

Yummy Food recipes!

Maybe your dog hasn't eaten well, or maybe you just feel like spoiling your pooch every now and then with some yummy food! In this thread I thought we could all share some recipes for our dogs, booth food and treats!

I found this really interesting recipy here. Was thinking of trying it

If you want to make your own dog recipes, this page has appropiate ingredients and their different nutrient values. Just make sure it has nutrient requirements suited for your own dog.

Also you can make yummy snacks made out of sweet potato

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DIY Homemade Dog Food - Keep your dog healthy and fit with this easy peasy homemade recipe - it's cheaper than store-bought and chockfull of fresh veggies!
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2021-12-11, 13:21

I don't have a dog, but I have two cats. I have always thought about making them treats. I am just afraid I will put in all the work and they won't eat it. Haha. But I would assume dogs are less picky than cats. I usually just buy the frozen meat at the pet store as a treat. They usually sell them for dogs or cats - sometimes some of the meat can be given to both animals.

2021-12-11, 23:54

#1: Well there are dogs who are really picky. And then you have dogs who basically can eat anything. My dog's breed is infamous for eating everythin they can get their paws on.

But then again: My cat is WORSE. She will eat literal TRASH. She is a danger to herself. So not all cats are picky eaters either!

Yes I sometime buy those frozen food as a treat :) But then you have to have room for it in the freezer

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2021-12-14, 13:36

#2: That is true the frozen treats do take up space. One of my cats always runs to the fridge every time I open the freezer because she thinks its frozen meatball time.

Oh goodness, hope you found a good way to secure your trash! It's so funny how different animals can be. My dog that I had when I was younger was a Shiba Inu and he was so picky actually. I tried feeding him organic expensive dog food and he would not touch it.

I just thought about the cat who loves to eat cucumber on Tiktok. I guess it's just my two cats who are picky eaters except for when it comes to wet food. It doesn't matter the brand or flavour they devour it every time.

2021-12-14, 19:14

#3: Haha well atleast your kitty isn't as obsessed with food as my cat!

Well yeah it's a bit tiring, you always have to keep an eye out, especially when you are cooking because she will try to steal anything. She jumps into the sink and eat "leftovers" which isn't very good. Fortunally she can't open our trashcan but she has managed to open plastic bags etc to eat bread. You have to keep bread and food in bags in cabinets

That sound like a special kitty haha yeahh they are all so different 🐱 Wet food is good for them, makes them more hydrated so that is nice

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