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Dogs Community Guidelines

As a member on Savvity you accept Savvity's general user agreement

Dogs Community Guidelines

  • By breaking Savvity's User agreement you are in risk of getting banned from Dogs
  • It's not allowed to post ads and/or commercial without permission from the Community host or an Admin
  • Please show everyone kindness and respect, it is not allowed to namecall or throw around insults
  • There are no stupid questions, treat every question seriously
  • Keep in mind that you are only able to edit posts half an hour after you first posted it, it can be a good idea to proof read it first
  • When giving dog-training and behaviour-related advice, it should always be based on Positive reinforcement. We do not tolerate aversives such as prong collors, electric collars etc. Any comment promoting these tools will be removed without notice. All Aversive methods will be questioned as anything positive is always a better choice, it's more effecient and more humane.
  • Any content using harmful tools such as prong collars, electric collars etc will be removed without notice. We do not want to open a discussion and having people defend the use of these tools.
  • Dog trainers with clear Aversive methods will not be promoted or recommended. Comments promoting names like Cesar Millan will be questioned and in worst case deleted.
  • Repeated violation of the guidelines, especially the promotion of things that might harm dogs will make you susceptible of getting banned from Dogs.

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